Please support this super fundraiser, racing to raise money for the Harefield Healing Garden!

Norbert Biczo has chosen to run to raise money for the Harefield Healing Garden.

Sunday 15th March 2020: Congratulations to Norbert, who completed the Victoria Park Half Marathon run today, raising £250 towards the Healing Garden. Luckily the event wasn’t cancelled due to the Corona Virus. Norbert’s next race is the Bedford Spring Half Marathon on the 16th of May 2020, which he is hopeful will go ahead as planned and will get him that much closer to raising his targeted £1,600 pounds. 

Here’s Norbert’s story:

“I have been training for running competitions since last year and competed in a few 5 and 10km races. After my last race I received emails from charitable organisations asking me to run for them. It is great to raise money for medical research, children’s charities, etc. however, I was thinking “would I really run for these things from the bottom of my heart?”. Probably, but then I realised that if I find something that really interests me I would be way more committed. 

I am originally from Hungary. For almost 20 years, gardening and landscaping has been my passion. I started my own gardening and landscaping company in London in 2011, since then it grown to a successful business. 

It was clear to me that anything I raise money for has to be nature or garden related. I have always been interested in studies into the healing properties of nature, plants and gardening. 

I would like to raise money for the Healing Garden simply, because I believe deep in the healing power of nature and garden. I am honoured and proud to be connected to the project by helping to raise money through running races.

Norbert Biczo

Please visit Norbert’s fundraising page for more information and to sponsor him