Garden News May 2019

We asked leading landscape and garden designers Bowles & Wyer to take a fresh look at the design concept in the light of input from patients, their relatives, doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other hospital staff, and responses to the questionnaire drawn up with help from Occupational Therapy. They have brought their experience in creating hospital gardens to the table, taken time to listen, and adapted the original Nicki Jackson plan, whilst keeping in key elements,  and coming up with this super exciting design. The revised plan incorporates a sinuous pathway through the garden. This type of curving, meandering walkway has been proven to aid mental health and wellbeing. An element of play is to be introduced for young visitors, and also to help rehabilitation of patients. Subtle stepping stone features will run through lawn areas and planting, with modern swing seats scattered in different areas of the garden. Positions for modern sculpture are earmarked for future donations, adding another dimension and interest to the garden. We hope you like the plan as much as we do!